Asserted and Implicated Meanings in Catalan 'D´eu n’hi do'

  • Laia Mayol
  • Elena Castroviejo


In this paper, we present an analysis of the semantics and pragmatics of the lexicalized Catalan expression D´eu n’hi do, which embeds wh-clauses, including exclamatives. Interestingly, though, D´eu n’hi do sentences do not convey extreme degree, they have have different distributional properties than matrix exclamatives, and they usually – but not always – co-occur with an exclamative intonation. We argue that the peculiar properties of D´eu n’hi do derive from the combination of the assertion and the scalar implicature it conveys, plus the conventional implicature generated by this intonation.
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Mayol, L., & Castroviejo, E. (2019). Asserted and Implicated Meanings in Catalan ’D´eu n’hi do’. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 13(2), 371-384.