Picture Descriptions and Centered Content


  • Mats Rooth
  • Dorit Abusch


There is an argument based on sentences that describe pictures in favor of a viewpointcentered possible worlds semantics for pictures, over a propositional semantics (J. Ross 1997). The argument involves perspectival lexical items such as “front”. We show that when a projective possible worlds semantics for pictures is employed, there is a problem with the argument coming from propositional contents being strong. The argument is reconstructed in a model modal space involving linear worlds, and it is shown that it works there, by computing the possible worlds semantics. The construction involves propositions and centered propositions that are regular sets of strings. Finally, by manipulating the marking parameter in a projective semantics for pictures, the argument is reconstructed also for 3D models.


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Rooth, M., & Abusch, D. (2019). Picture Descriptions and Centered Content. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 21(2), 1051–1064. Retrieved from https://ojs.ub.uni-konstanz.de/sub/index.php/sub/article/view/183