NPI 'any' in the scope of 'exactly n'


  • Zhuo Chen



Both the 'even' theory of NPI 'any' (Crnič 2011, 2014a, b, 2019a, b) and the exhaustification theory (Chierchia 2013) argue that 'any' in non-monotonic contexts lexically requires an 'even' operator to be felicitous. A counterexample to this argument is observed. In order to account for the counterexample, this paper proposes that 'any' in the scope of a non-monotonic operator in the surface structure is actually located in the restriction of a definite plural description in the logical form. Assuming the generalized definition of Strawson-entailment (Guerzoni and Sharvit 2007; Gajewski and Hsieh 2014; Gajewski 2016), the proposed theory maintains Strawson-downward-entailingness as a necessary condition for the felicity of 'any' even in the cases where 'any' occurs in the scope of a non-monotonic quantificational determiner like 'exactly n'.




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Chen, Z. (2023). NPI ’any’ in the scope of ’exactly n’. Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung, 27, 165–176.