• Johanna Wood University of Aarhus, Denmark
Keywords: diachronic syntax


The papers in this special edition of JHS represent a selection of those presented in Tempe, featuring data from a number of languages and language families. As well as the usual suspects, the Romance and Germanic families, Arabic and Greek are featured; additionally, authors bring in supporting examples from several other languages, including those as diverse as Yup’ik and Yao. Grammaticalisation as a process is prominent in many of the approaches, applying generative theories such as upward reanalysis (Roberts & Roussou 2003), economy-based constraints like the Head Preference Principle and Late Merge Principle (van Gelderen 2004) and the Linguistic Cycle (van Gelderen 2011). Several authors take up quantitative methods and, though it is many years since the recognition that more than one grammar can exist in the E-language, the ‘grammars in competition model’ (Kroch 1994, Pintzuk 1999) remains relevant.