A Feedback Controller pesign for a Biomechanical Model of the Press Handstand in Gymnastics

  • Nihat Sükrü Özgören
  • Serdar Aritan
Keywords: gymnastics, press handstand, feedback, control, modelling


The purpose of this study was to design a PID based control system for a biomechanical model of the press handstand in gymnastics. The model was utilized to simulate a press handstand performance of a gymnast. A total of 10 simulations were performed using different controller parameters to achieve a decent result in joint kinematics which matches with the actual performance. The results of this study showed that maximum and minimum toque values can be used as proportional gain of a P controller. This PID based feedback control model can be developed and used for classification of the control parameters among press handstands performed on different apparatuses sudl as rings and parallel bars in gymnastics.