Quantified movement test of core muscles for Athletes

  • Tzu Han Huang
  • Hsiao-Yun Chang
  • Shan Yu LU
Keywords: core assessment, center of pressure, plank, bird dog exercise


The purpose of this study was to compare the different of the core muscles ability between normal subjects and athletes of an assessment consisted of seven movement tests. Nineteen participants were voluntarily recruited in this study and divided into normal subjects (N=9, age=20.2+-0.7 y/o, weight:63.7+-11.7 kg, height:170.9+-6.7 cm) and collegiate athletes (N=10, age=19.9+-1.0 y/o, weight; 72.4+-7.8 kg, height; 172.5+-4.5 cm). The result shows that the path length of plank, bird dog with right-hand raise, bird dog with left-hand raise, right side plank, right bridge, left bridge and area of right bridge, left bridge has significant differences between two groups (Table 1). Athletes exhibit shorter path length and smaller path area in all of these data.