Acute effect of Kineslo Taping on Knee Joint Blornechanics during Drop Vertical Jump In Anterlor Cruclate ligament-Deflcient Knee


  • Chunapis Boonkerd
  • Weerawat Limroongreungrat
  • Nadhapon Saengpetch


Kinesio tape, Biomechanics, ACL injury


Kinesio tape (KT), an elastic therapeutic tape, is useful for prevention and treatment of sport injury, but their efficacies remain unclear on mechanical change. The purpose of this study was to analyze the acute effect of KT on knee joint biomechanics during drop vertical jump in individuals with ACL injuries. Seven participants with partial ACL tears performed drop vertical jump (DVJ) with and without ACL KT taping technique. Peak knee joint angles and moments, and knee joint angle at initial contact were obtained from 3D motion analysis system. Paired t-test did not reveal significant differences of knee joint biomechanics between the 2 conditions. In conclusion, KT did not produce any biomechanical change in participants with partial ACL tears.