• Ki-Kwang Lee


Currently it is common that sport biomechanists and orthopedic surgeons work together for sports injury prevention and rehabilitation training in Korea. Functional training is the latest issue in not sports injury prevention but rehabilitation at the moment. It works on the premise that the body is designed to work by performing patterns of movement which engages muscles in natural way rather than in one plane of movement. Understanding how each of the body's joints or systems works independently is essential to see whether that section has the capacity to function as part of the whole. A biornechanical screen will provide this information and is used as a precursor to functional screening and training. Once each joint or system has the capacity to function correctly, functional training using combinations of joints and systems, then becomes more likely and the movements are pure not compensatory. Dr. Junggi Hong is the most active scholar and practitioner in the performance training and sports medicine for athletes in Korea. He contributes athletic rehabilitation and injury prevention field in Korea through co-work with many athletic trainers in various professional sports teams and physicians in sports medical centers in Korea.