• I.M. Kozlov
  • V.P. Muraviov
  • A.V. Samsonova


The selection of special exercises for running the criterion is based on ground phase reaction, total muscle electrical activity, joint range in the ankles, correction between running performance and special exercises. The main criterion is the similarity between special and competition exercises [U.V. Vekhos hansky , 1 964; 1 9701. The main task of this research was the substantiation of the criterion for the selection of special exercises for sprinting. Method - Elite sprint runners utilise sprinting and special exercises. Electrical activity in the muscles of the hip and leg muscles was recorded. Movements were filmed at 70 k/s. Muscle length and velocity of contraction were calculated on an IBM computer. Maximal velocity of muscle stretching was the criterion used for the selection of special exercises. Results - Comparative analysis of sprint running and special exercises indicated that no one exercise has full accordance with the velocity of muscle stretching in sprint running. Multiple jumping at high speed, running with resistance, running with high raising of thighs, are closely related to running. During hops and running with straight legs, velocity of muscle stretching is lower than during running. Velocity of the leg's muscle stretching during multiple jumping is higher than during running. According to S. Serov [1988], plyometric exercises (jumping down) have higher results for velocity of leg muscle stretching than running. Conclusion - The suggested method of selection of special exercises for sprint speed ability is based on the criterion "velocity of muscle stretching.



Coaching and Sports Activities