• A.S. Skuratovich
  • T.D. Polykova


A device has been worked out for mechanical influence to face muscles. It was proven by experiment that the device positively effects the visual sensor system when applied to face and head muscles. As a result of the investigation: - judging from the brain circulation, dynamics optimal duration of the session (5-6 min.) was found. After the procedure the increase of the outflow by 25 % and 31 % was noticed in the supine and sitting positions, respectively; - increased fixed attention was found after application of device; - correlation between acuity of vision and sex and age after five sessions was demonstrated; - repeated session proved to be necessary. It was established that one course of treatment of 5 sessions is the most effective as to increase in acuity vision (94% for the left and 97% for the right eye), after repeated course, the above parameters are 47 % and 62 % , respectively. The device proved to be effective in treatment of face injuries and bruises in boxers. It can be used as well to relax vision tension and fatigue in micro scheme fitters, and it can be successfully used for IBM operators, operation on displays.