• N.B. Sotsky
  • V.G. Kiselev


Biomechanical analysis indicates that motor actions in sport are very often characterized by simultaneous application of a great number of freedom degrees of the human locomotion system. That is why it is very important to devise technical aids for the muscles that perform the above actions. We offer a specimen of a friction strength exerciser that has no world analogues. The exerciser named after its inventor represents a chain with rods serving as separate links of the above chain connected by means of spherical hinges. Every hinge is supplied by an adjusting clamp, that makes it possible to change the load from minimal to maximal smoothly and in short time. Chair-like construction, small overall dimensions and low weight of the exerciser help to train separate muscle groups as well as to achieve maximal freedom of movements of the parts being trained and to increase the number of possible exercises up to 2,000,000. The exerciser helps to develop intermuscle coordination, increases the strength and strength endurance of muscles in different sports. Being an original "gum in a suit-case", the exerciser can be applied for physical recreation and training in the office or when a person is on a trip or holiday. The experience showed that it may be successfully applied for recreation and rehabilitation purposes as well as by disabled athletes.



Coaching and Sports Activities