• C.T. Tant
  • D. McGrath


Studies have shown that the physical properties of water coupled with the physiological effects of working in water create a unique and ideal treatment medium. The purpose of this study was to develop, in the form of a colour video and manual, a water rehabilitation program for some of the more common over use injuries experienced by high school track athletes. In addition, activities were incorporated into the rehabilitation program that would decrease the detraining effects normally associated with long periods of non-activity. The colour video was designed to be used by the coach, athlete, and/or the athletic trainer to properly rehabilitate an injured athlete with the use of a swimming pool. The instructional portion of the video provided a discussion: 1) of the benefits of water therapy as a rehabilitation tool and included the topics of buoyancy, increased range of motion, increased circulation, resistance, maintenance of fitness, and indications for use, and 2) reviewed rehabilitation goals such as decreased pain and swelling, increased range of motion and flexibility, and maintenance/increased cardiovascular fitness. The demonstration portion of the video provided scenes of therapeutic water exercises and water conditioning activities. The main objective of the manual was to provide supplemental information not adequately covered in the video. The video has been produced in Super VHS format, is 35 minutes in length, and will require a4-head VCR. Simply Water! was completed 7/6/93, #EV-3-1015, and is intended for coaches, athletes and athletic trainers interested in using the medium of water to heal injuries to the lower body.