• F. Mauro
  • L. Mauro


The balance capacity is defined by many authors as a key factor of the performance. The methods of the research and the evaluation of the balance - employ different tests concerning the single person with the use or addition of little tools both in static and dynamic situation. The evaluation of the balance has. always given big problems. With the realization of this "field" tool and relevant system of data acquisition our goo1 was to make the evaluation objective and possible the test reproduction. The tool consists in a platform in which has been placed a detection system interfaced with a computer, monitor and a printer. It is possible to make detections referred to 'an axis (semi-cylinder) or two axises ( semi-sphere) . In relation to the different positions scheduled by the records the tool detects the balance capacity of the subject staying on it; the value of the balance shown by the person performing during the test is visualized on the monitor through a graphic showing the proceeding of the platform of the disjungtion from the horizontal position. The value is also indicated with a number obtained from the average of the squared values of the disjungtion referred to the unity of time.
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