The influence of a strength training programme on the physical and kick performances of young soccer players


  • G. Cometti
  • B. Tyrode
  • M. Pousson


The aim of this study was to determine if physical and kick performances increase under a strength thing. For this purpose, 8 young french soccer players (age 15,75 & 0,71) took part in a 4 weeks strength training programme of the lower limbs. Squats, tricep and leg swings exercices were associated with pliometrics and a practice of specific soccer skills. In order to evaluate the relevance of this programme and some possible progress made by the players, a number of tests were set up.: - kick performances measured on a specific ball speed test showed significant improvements : 10,12 km/h (±4,31)(p<0,05) - the explosive power of leg extensors was included with 3 tests : With arms movement Jump increased by 2,19 cm (±1,86)(p




Coaching and Sports Activities