• G. Fabian
  • A. Barabas


It is a very big problem to analyzing high s eed films that researchers and coaches had made their athletes. Now we know a lot of very good filmanalyzing computer programs that made anywhere but these programs many times is on1 for research work not to sell. Big software houses (f.e. Microsoft, Borland, ...) have not any interesting this very special and narrow market. We accepted this but we need these pro rams. We decided to make ourselves a new program in 1991 and we think that we never will finish developing because new methods and aspects we will see tomorrow again. The program was written Turbo Pascal 6.0. It needs an IBM compatible XT or AT computer with 640 Kb RAM and minimum one flopp driver. The program automatically detected the screen driver and it has six main menu points. The first main menu point is DATA MANAGEMENT. We have choice to read data from a digitizer, from keyboard, from files. In this point we can see data on the screen or can print them (with velocities and accelerations). Here we can calculate the center of gravities of body segments and the total center of gravities of human body and weights of body parts by Dempster and Walton. The second main menu points is the graphics on the screen and on the plotter. We have to visualise the body as a little figure and any points of the human body that we digitalized before. The third point we can calculate some smoothing procedures. The fourth main menu point we have to compare two curves and the program calculate the difference between this two curves. The fifth point we have to calculate some angels and the velocities and accelerations of these angels. The sixth point program calculates some forces and torques if we know the mass of any body parts ( by Dempster).