• G. Palmisciano
  • V. Palmisciano


The roller-skating imports particularly engaging situations of balance, besides for the largest altitude of barycenter, for a lower friction between the supporting surface and the rollers (the parts of the gymnast in contact with it). In the roller-skating for the lower friction is less the transmitted on the soil force and therefore the reaction is less (for ex., the jump), while the slidings are favoured (it suffices a relatively weak push to obtain a wide and fast shift), with the relative risks of fall. The authors make an analysis of the friction and of biomechanical aspects of the artistic roller-skating (whipping-tops and the jumps with rotation). The methodological conclusions found the starting at the aged of 4 years even in the roller-skating, to get familiarity, playing, with the piece of equipmcnt roller skates. This is the direction of the Uisp Campania Skating League. In the end, some exercises are described.