• A.V. Zinkovsk
  • S.V. Eliseev
  • V.V. Kuznetsov
  • L.A. Zoubova
  • K.P. Shmidt


INTRODUCTION. In sport it is often necessary to correct functional state of human skeletalmuskular apparatus (SMA) in order to increase muscles contraction force and mobility of joints. This is also necessary in ballet, for compensation of hypodynamics and hypokinezy effects in long-term space flights and for invalids rehabilitation. However, traditional methods require long period of time to achieve high functional state of SMA So it is very important for sportsmen to restore lost after trauma functions in a shoter time. Therefore, in recent years there has been developed various new methods and technical means for human SMA stimulation, in particular, electrostimulation and vibrostimulation. In our report there is described methodology and results of simultaneous electro-vibro-stimulation of SMA in zones of insufficient activity and passivity. METHODS In order 10 improve functional state of human SMA there is performed simultaneous electrostimulation and vibrostimulation of muscles. Muscies-antagonists are subjected to vibrostimulation, musclessinergists to electrostimulation. Vibrostimulation helps muscles-antagonists to relax, this is accompanied by growth of their length. Electrostimulation increases power of muscles-sinergists contraction. For electro-vibrostimulation there was used methodology and devices developed by the authors of the report (Zinkovsky 1987). Wide range of electro-vibro impulses parameters variation, provided for by the developed devices, allows to choose their best combination for each sportsman individual with an eye to achieve maximal effectiveness of the training stimulation. RESULTS Methodology of electro-vibrostimulation developed by the authors has undergone mass approbation and testing on a number of sportsmen of high qualification, including Olympic champions. Electrovibrostimulation training increases muscles force and mobility in joints in short terms. Vibrostimulation improves mobility mainly by means of decrease of the zone of muscles insufficient passivity. Electrovibrostimulation employment not only leads to decrease of insufficient passivity zone, but also cf the zone of insufficient activity. Under vibrostimulation musclesantagonists length increases which means that decreases insufficient passivity zone. Under electrostimulation grows power of contraction of muscles-sinergists in the zone of insufficient activity. This leads to improvement of active mobility of sportsman SMA. Simultaneous stimulation of muscles-antagonists and sinergists creates conditions for formation of optimal structure of joint mobility. CONCLUSION Result of the research consists in creation of effective method allowing to improve functional state of human SMA, especially with extremal loads on SMA in zones of active and passive insufficient. REFERENCES A.V.Zinkovsky, V.V.Kuznetsov et al., Authors sertificate 11344356, 1987. Address for Correspondence: AV. Zinkovsky, SI. Petersburg STU, Bryantseva str., 18~189, SI. Petersburg, 195269, Russia