• Y. Yukhno
  • A. Chocharay


INTRODUCTION -A special physical exercises the biomechanical structure of those is corresponding to biomechanical structure of judo technique are used at modern training of highly skilled wrestlers. It is put the exercises with general character are not effective. However, the complexity of coordination structure of judo technique does not always allow to select adequately the special physical exercises for wrestlers that decreases the results of training process. The hypothesis of this investigation is based on the supposition about that special physical exercises which are necessary for highly qualitative training of judo-wrestlers may influence more effectively onto skeletal musculature of wrestlers. So the diagnostics of biomechanical properties of skeletal muscles at the training of wrestlers may increase essentially the quality of methodical provision for training process. RESULTS - Diagnostic complex that consisted of inertial piezoelectric sensor, interface, computer IBM 486 and software was used for the investigation of biomechanical properties of wrestlers' skeletal muscles. Muscles m.deltoidens, m.biceps brahii, m.latissimus dorsi, m.crector spinal, m.biceps temoris, m.quadriceps temoris were tested with 15 judoists who have gotten both special physical exercises of purposeful direction and exercises with character of general development. The results of investigation showed the contractile abilities (the index of hardness) of muscles are 10% above on the average at the effect of special physical exercises than at the usage of exercises with character of general development. The parameter of damping index after special exercises is 15% below on the average than after exercises with character of general development, that is testified about increased efficiency and increased results of the training by exercises of special character with comparison of exercises of general develop- mental character. CONCLUSION - These investigations give basis for the constructing and objective evaluating of quality of special physical exercises according to the criteria which are determined by biomechanical properties of basic groups of wrestlers' work skeletal muscles.