• M. Liu
  • D. Yu
  • H. Yang
  • F. Wang
  • A. Wang


Specific strength is an important content in fitness training It is c10sely related to throwing performances The coaches of each country in the world generally consider that weigh throw is an optimum means to raise discus throweris specific strength and explosive force. However, the coaches have depended on their own subjective experience to select the weight. Thus, it has considerable blindness. Therefore, this paper adopts experiment, video analysis and statistics methods to explore a way to select and fix optimum throwing weight. We conclude that following 1. Because throwing power is a sensitive index to mirror explosive force of discus throwers, the explosive force reach its top when the greatest throwing power is reached. Therefore, the greatest throwing power weight is optimum in weight throw training. 2. The steps of selecting optimum weight: 1) measuring the performances of throwing various weights; 2) Counting or consulting chart to know throwing power of each weight; 3) Fixing an optimum weight in weight throw training through comparison. 3. It is different that various levels discus throwers display the greatest throwing power weight. Generally speaking, the higher thrower is performance level is, the heavier the weight is. The optimum throwing weight for Chinese women's discus throwers in weight throw training respectively should be: master (55m)5.25 20.5 0, first grade (51 m) 4.38 + 0.93, second grade (39m) 4.00 50.82. 4. It is not completely same for the greatest throwing power weight of same level's discus throwers. Therefore, the selection of optimum weight should vary from person to person according to the greatest throwing power weight.