• K. Riad
  • T.A. Habinetz


INTRODUCTION - Possible reserves of training of highly skilled basketballers are far from exhausting today. One of those reserves is a new possibility onto the improving of methodics of athletes' technical training. Many features of technique and tactics depend essentially on specialities of athletes' motorics. Highly skilled basketballers have different specialities of body total dimension as it is put. It is quite obviously that the knowledge of individual regularities about the development of athletes' motorics may be used for the improving of methodics of technical-tactical training. RESULTS -The supposition about that different regularities onto the constructing of kinematic structure of technique of ball throw into basket are presented for the basketballers of different height-weight groups was put on the hypothesis base of this research. The studying of this regulari- ties give a possibility to use the means of basketballers' technical training more effectively and selectively. 1 5 short basketballers (the height of 182.3 f 3.8cm) and 15 tall basketballers (the height of 201 .O k4.01 cm) participated in the experiment. The technique of ball throw into basket was studied by the using of videocomputer method in sagittal plane of athletes' movement. The investigations showed that there are authentic differences within biomechanic char- acteristics of technique of ball throw for the basketballers of different height-weight groups. It is manifested in particular within the duration of different phases of throw, the linear velocity of hand end and the corner of ball sending. Preparing phase for short basketballers is equal 0.041 s on the average, base phase is equal 0.416s and final phase is equal 0.164s. This movement is performed by tall basketballers for 0.082s- 0.492s-0.217s on the average correspond- ingly. Linear velocity of hand end is equal 6.5mls at preparing phase, one is equal 3.5mIs at base phase and one is equal 5.6mIs at final phase on the average for short basketballers. The velocity of hand end is equal 4.4mls on the average at pre- paring phase, 2.7mls at base phase and 1.4mIs at final phase for tall basketballers. The corner of ball sending is equal 168' for short basketballers and 15g0 for tall basketballers. CONCLUSION -These investigations may be the base for the constructing of objective didactic recommendations for individual technical training of basketballers of different height-weight groups particularly at the training by ball throw into basket.