• Frantisek VAVERKA
  • M. Elfinark
  • M. Janura
  • M. Krskova


The computerization of the training process is one of the modern tools to reach a high quality of training. A long time research activity of our laboratory in ski-jumping has created the preconditions for the development of a special computer system which enables the biomechanical analyses of the ski-jumping and a lot of other operation with analyzed data. The main goal of this paper is presentation of the above mentioned system. The system is based on 2-D analysis of the movement of a ski-jumper. The main purpose for its development was to obtain both fast and high quality information of completed ski-jump. The system enables the realization of the analysis of ski-jumping technique in four main phases, modelling, comparison of athletes, statistical elaboration of analyzed parameters, and creation of specific database files. The system can be utilized for the coach's use, scientific purposes, and as an instructional aid for the teaching of biomechanics. The system utilizes the input data taken from a videoanalyzer our own construction and can be easily adapted for the input data taken from other similar videoanalyzers and systems. The system renders the analysis of the jumper's movement in four phases: in run, take-off, transition and flight. The special software for each phase has been developed. The system enables anybody to work with the models of elaborated phases in interactive manner. The model gives further information relating to the input parameters. The procedure renders the comparison of two athletes in the same phase of ski-jump in both graphical and numerical form. Descriptive statistics render to gain the basic statistical characteristics including the graphical information about the analyzed parameters of a selected sets of athletes. By using of the appropriate technique the system can work in any terraine.
Coaching and Sports Activities