• Alicja Rutkowska-Kucharska


Early specialization can be noticed in many sports events Although it is easy to evaluate child's strength, speed and endurance capabilities and apply proper , training means, it is difficult to evaluate the efficiency of the process of movement steering Neuro-muscle coordination as the process taking place in the muscular and nervous systems IS the factor which determines the degree of mastering a sports technique as well as the economical use of capabilities of the motor system. As neuro-muscular coordination cannot be evaluated directly, it is done indirectly by the evaluation of movement coordination. It has been assumed that the precision of manipulation movements accompanied by external disturbances may be the criterion of the evaluation of movement coordination. Precision of the movement manipulation has been evaluated on the basis of the test conducted on the MURP (electronic indicator of the error of movement) The subject was required to lead the slider so that the tip of the indicator travelled precisely along the path. The motion was disturbed by the magnetic field generated by the electromagnets The test was performed during five by four groups of children (n = 240). The aim of the investigation was to find out if the changes in the steering quality take place together with the child's physical development The greatest differentiation of manipulation movement precision has been found among 9.5- 10.5-year-old girls and 10.5-1 1 5-year-old boys We may assume that is a stimulation phase of the steering process in the neuro-muscular system the fact that 12.5-year-old girls and 13.5-year-old boys show stabilization of manipulation movement precision may be the proof for the maturity of their nervous system.