• Masahiro Nakagawa
  • Ryuji Nagahama
  • Hiroh Yamamoto
Keywords: IT-TOW, remote sports, load cell, pulling force


The purpose of this study was to collect some baseline data which may be used for developing an IT-tow system by using a load cell. The pulling forces were measured in 3 tests, hold1 phase, hold2 phase, and drive phase. The pulling force decreased in drive phase defined as the phase the pullers are driven by opponent. This is because the pulling force in this study was defined as tension of the rope, and then pulling force measured in this phase is not produced by subject but produced by examiners side. If the IT-TOW is made by using the load cell, 2 machines have to exchange and reproduce the pulling force of each other. In case the load cell received 2 different pulling forces, pulling force produced by one side may not be measured with accuracy. To put IT-TOW into practice, the pulling force data must be exchanged and not be measured by a load cell, but defined by another system.
Equipment / Instrumentation