• R. A. Wedaman
  • C. L. Tant
  • J. D. Wilkerson
Keywords: throwing, kicking, striking


In the game ofvol1eyball, the spike is one ofthe most difficult and demanding techniques to master. The athlete is expect4ed to jump and hit a ball with maximum force and accuracy at the approximate peak of the jump. Prsala (1982) identified four phases in the analysis of the spike: the approach, preparation, hitting, and landing. The approach involves t 0 or three controlled running strides, a transitional last step to prepare for the transfer ofhorizontal momentum to vertical momentum, and a two foot vertical jump. In the preparatory phase the striking arm is swung upward in an abduct d and laterally rotated position. The elbow is fle ed at approximately 90 degrees and the wrist hyperextended. During the hitting phase, the shoulder is elevated; the upper arm is inwardly rotated and a ducted; the forearm is extended at the elbow and the wrist is flexed. The athl te absorbs the downward momentum by flexing the joints of the lower extremities when landing.