• Aniko Barabas
Keywords: children, training


Introduction The observation and examination of sports movements of children generate a number ofnew questions the answers to which are found beyond the general examination of human or sports movement. The child's growth and development is manifested in physical structure and performance. These factors interact and are determined genetically as well as socially, culturally and economically. The period of growth and development of children is the time during which physical and physiological changes take place (Anderson et. al. 1984., Bar-Or, 1983, Malina, 1980, Borms, 1984). In this period, the child's body increases in size and organs develop and mature until they function on the level required to meet the demands of daily life and physical activities. The time of the early childhood to maturity brings about a great increase in physical performance capacity. This increase is due to the biological changes occurring as a process of maturation regardless of physical training.