The Constrastive Analysis Of The Properties Of Long Distance, Middle Distance And Sprint Racers

  • Chang Ming Sheng
Keywords: running, distance running


In order to distinguish different properties among various races, I should like to describe the properties of middle distance runners as compared to sprint and long distance runners. 1. Observed from the curves of sports biomechnnlcs of energy supply, researches prove: the mechanics of energy-supplying system of middle distance runner is more complex than that of a sprint and more difficult than a long distnnce runner. 2. Observe from the angle of percentage of mathematical model, according to the experimental results, a sprint is that the mechanics of phosphorus acid accounts for .95%; a long-distance race, mechanics of oxygen-containing oxydation, 90%; and a middle-distance race, 50% and 50%. 3. Observed from the viewpoint of dynamics of physical quality, the tests show: a sprint requires a high velocity quality and long distance race, an endurance quality. However, the middle-distance race requires both the speed of a sprint and the endurance quality of a long-distance runner. 4. Observed from the power of mechanics of heart-lung circulation, a middledistance race develops the heart-lung function more profundly and effectively than a long-distance runner. 5. Observed from the vIewpoint of mechanics of mental load, the intensity and density of sprinter'S mental load wlll be greater; a long-distance runner's relatively less. But a middle-distance runner has a strong will as well as the superiority of a high degree of nervous and relaxed mental load. 6. Observed form the viewpoint of mmuscle mechanics, the middle-distance race is different from the sprint and the long- distance race in the contractive power of muscle. 7. Observed from the control mechanics of nervous system, the middle distnnce race is also different from other races. 8. Observed from characteristics of biochemical power, the middle-distance race is the event of the most amount of oxygen debt and accumulation of blood lactic acid in various races. The properties of a middle-distance race should be grasped will and the training contents, methods and means should be chosen having a definite object in view.