Effects of Exterior Loading On Selected Mechanical And Vibrational Characteristics Of Tennis Rackets

  • Geoffrey Ringer
Keywords: tennis rackets


The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of exterior loading on the center of percussion, the fundamental natural frequency, and the fundamental vibrational nodes of four tennis rackets. Changes in these parameters when mass equaling 1.5% of total racket mass was added independently to the butt end, center of mass, and tip were found to be statistically significant and predictable. Additionally, the unmodified rackets were compared to a theoretical ideal model in which the distal node and center of percussion are coincident points, and the proximal node is located at the axis of rotation. A racket similar to this ideal model may reduce the occurrence of upper extremity injuries. All of the rackets differed from the ideal model in the same manner. The distal node and the center of percussion were separate points, with the distal node positioned farther from the butt end. Furthermore, the proximal node was not at the axis of rotation, but instead was more distally located. Therefore, the tested rackets may not be optimal in terms of vibration characteristics and center of percussion position. Adding mass to the butt end reduced.the disparities between the rackets and the theoretical model.
Equipment / Instrumentation