Computer Clinic for Jaeger on Uneven Bars

  • Lei Liu
Keywords: gymnastic


There are many gymnasts to practice Jaeger on uneven bars, but no study provides an explanation of this technique and computer clinic. The purpose of this study was to develop a computer program for clinic of Jaeger's technique on uneven bars using biomechanical variables. Two medalists of World Championship were videotaped during 1991 World Gymnastics Championship. The 2D position data were digitized and smoothed with digital filter (5 Hz of cut off frequency) and kinematic variables were calculated using "Peak Performance Motion Measurements System". Results shows that the best performance(A) had higher position of center of mass over the bar (0.61 m for A and 0.49 m for B). There were no differences between A and B before level position during down swing. Gymnast A slowed down leg back swing before bottom position (-9.88 m/s of the ankle's horizontal velocity for A compare to -10.8 m/s for B) and increased shoulder backward movement (-3.06 m/s and -2.56 m/s of the shoulder's horizontal velocity for A and B, respectively). Gymnast A accelerated leg swinging significantly after bottom position (-11.69 m/s and -8.81 m/sfor A and B, respectively), but gymnast B decelerated leg swinging at same time. The developed computer clinic program shows difference between two performances clearly, using animation of curves and stick figure simultaneously. It is easy to be used by teachers, coaches and gymnasts.
Equipment / Instrumentation