A Biomechanical Study Of Electric Stimulation In Developing Muscle Strength

  • Li ]ianshe
Keywords: muscle strength, Electric Stimulation


Many experimental reports on electric stimulation developing muscle strength have been published. Two basic facts were found easily by observing these research reports. One is that Muscle ELectric Stimulation (MES) was only applied to one muscle. In parctice the muscles a~ways partcipate in work with muscle function group while one complete every performance. Two is that only the development of the peak muscle strength was attended to. The training of the fast response strength and the strength endurance were not payed needful attention. Based on above thinking. in technique we adopted Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation (NMES) to replace MES, thus making the training of the muscle function group a reality. We measured the synchronous development of the peak strength, the fast response strength and the strength eudurance. The results indicate: 1) NMES not only can develop strength of muscle function group but also can satisfy the training of coordination ability of muscle group; 2) the development of the peak muscle strength, the fast reponse strength and the strength endurance was obviously interrelated with the physical features of stimulation source; 3) NMES can decrease the stimulation intensity effectively thus fulfilling obiect of partial muscle group in less self energy expenditure.