PNF Effects On Strength And Power Outputs

  • Darren G. Burke
  • Larry E. Holt
  • Thomas W. Pelham
Keywords: isometric power, Strength, Power, contraction speed, neuromuscular


Traditionally near maximal isometric effort has been used to elicit the beneficial facilitations and inhibitions associated with PNF and modified PNF techniques. There is little evidence regarding concentric contraction speed and resistance levels necessary to elicit an augmented neuromuscular response. This study addresses the question of speed and resistance specificity and its subsequent PNF effects on bench press (agonist) strength and power outputs. This was accomplished through the use of a double acting concentric dynamometer (DACD). Based on our limited subject pool, it appears as though a low resistance, fast speed of antagonistic contraction is more effective in increasing an agonistic strength and power response.
Equipment / Instrumentation