Biomechanical Investigation On The Swimming Start And Swimming Technique

  • P. Barany
  • A. Barabas
  • J. Moravecz
Keywords: swimming, start, technique, influences


The purpose of this paper is to present the investigations of two different problems however they are in close correlation. The first problem is the start of the swimming (or underwater swimming). The question was: what kind of factors are influencing the issued performance during the start. For the calculations there were used some simple and well-known equations and formulas. The basis of this calculations were the theoretical facts and several practical experiences. The results are the referential curves (nomograms) of correlations between different angle of release, speed of release and height of CG. They are not verified with long theoretical deduction, the practice will prove them to be true or not. The results may be important for coach and competitors and not only for the professional sport. In the second part of this paper is outlined the teaching method of the start of swimming. To teach the good technics for the beginners is a very important question in the present .and in the future too. Creating a new and very simple method the user (coaches, physical education teachers) can optimize the start of the swimmer (or underwater swimmer) without complicated equipments. The coaches can calculate the optimal parameters (values) of start from the measured values, they can optimize the start of swimming using only following "instruments": paper, pen, tables of correlating values and measuring tape. This method could be improve the start, the technique, the posture and nevertheless this is a very useful and not so expensive system.
Coaching and Sports Activities