Investigation Of The "Free Rifle 60 Shots" Event With Computer Simulation

  • A. Barabas
  • P. Barany
Keywords: shooting


The shooting sport is examined not on the very minute. Most of the researcher are afraid of the absence of the global results and the equations. .During the investigation of this kind of sport the most important standpoint is comparing and measuring of the individual characteristics features and measuring of the individual performance development. There are no global rules. The shooting is an individual sport which means that most of the shooters would like to keep in secret advantages and finest parts of their technique. To get scientific results there is only one possibility: to examine the individual features. In this paper we present a simulation system what help us to investigate the complex accomplishment of the shooters during several events and the changes of the accomplishment. The theory was made by L. Hammer! (Olympic winner in 1964 Tokyo - free style rifle 60 shoots with , 597 score). He said that the accomplishment changes during the competltion and the place and time of mistakes give the individual system. The aim of this paper is to measure this places and times. The system consist of the personal computer, the external electronic circuit and the software. The shooter gives the sign of the start and stop of the different phase the aiming and shoot, with the electronic circuit. On the screen we can see the target, the environment, the bull's eye and the full bead. The shooter can control the start and the end of the movement, and could not control the process. The examiner or the shooter sets the algorithm of the motion. These results verifying our hypothesis - can help the coaches to find the mistakes and to improve the scores and techniques.
Coaching and Sports Activities