In-Shoe Pressure Distribution During Ergometer Rowing In Novice And Experienced Rowers

  • E. H. Elliott
  • J. Hamill
  • T. R. Derrick
Keywords: rowing, shoe


Distribution of foot pressure during rowing has been minimally investigated. Foot pressure distribution is most likely altered with experience ca using an increase in stability and thus efficiency duirng the rowing stroke. This study evaluated in-shoe pressure distribution differences between novice and experienced collegiate rowers during rowing on the Concept II ergometer. In shoe pressure was measured in ten subjects, five novice and five experienced, while rowing at a stroke rate of 32-34 strokes per minute. The subjects wore the same model shoe with a Tekscan in-shoe pressure measurement system placed inside each shoe, only the dominant foot was studied. Data were sampled at a rate of 100 Hz. The following variables at the shoe-foot interface were investigated during the drive and the recovery of the stroke: peak forefoot pressure, peak rearfoot pressure, and displacement of the mediolateral and longitudinal center of pressure (COP). Peak pressures were investigated to discover how the pressure is distributed during the stroke. Comparison of the COP was used to indicate the stabililty of the foot during the drive phase. The experienced rowers had a high proportion of the total in-shoe pressure in the forefoot during the drive. Generally there was less pressure exerted on the recovery phase in the experienced subjects. These subjects also had a less variable mediolateral COP and an increase in the longitudinal COP plot. To apply force correctly during the drive it seems to be necessary to place a high proportion of the pressure in the forefoot. The trend toward decreased pressure on the recovery in the experienced rowers may reflect an increased efficiency due to experience. The decrease in the mediolateral COP deviation would appear to be related to increased stability. The longitudinal COP plot showed that with experience the plantar surface in contact with the shoe during the drive increases.
Coaching and Sports Activities