A Method For Kinetic Power Measurement Using Video Analysis

  • T. C. Bauer
  • C. Zerpa
Keywords: power measurement, video, muscle power, jumpint


The measurement of kinetic power using video analysis provides a valuable measurement technique for a variety of motion applications. This research utilizes standard kinematic velocity data from the Peak 2D video analysis system and calculates muscle power during jumping performances. Force, velocity and power curves produced from jumping performances on a force plate are used to develop and validate the video analysis techniques. Vertical and horizontal jumps of 28 subjects are video taped while jumping from a force plate. Centre of mass kinematics are measured using the Peak 2D system to provide changes in velocity. Force and velocity measures are then calculated to provide power measures at takeoff. A computer software program utilizes the exported velocity data to calculate force and power outputs. Results demonstrate high correlations (r= 88) between the force plate power measures and the power results from the video analysis. The measurement method provides an accurate prediction of muscle power produced during takeoff in both vertical and horizontal jumping.
Equipment / Instrumentation