• G. T. Moran
  • D. Howland
  • L. J. Stoner
Keywords: biomechanics, biomechanists, discussion, future


INTRODUCTION There is a critical need for qualified Biomechanists in the areas of civil and criminal litigation. Currently few "true Biomechanists" work in this area. This has resulted in a vacuum of qualified personnel being filled by people who speak to biomechanical issues with little or no education, training, and experience in anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, research methods, statistics and other areas that constitute the discipline of Biomechanics. The result is that legal decisions are made based upon incorrect or inadequate information. We suggest that as professional Biomechanists we may have a responsibility to enter this area or in our absence abdicate our role to less qualified individuals. If we as a discipline do engage this role we will upgrade the quality and truthfulness of at least a portion of the litigation process.