• John Garhammer
  • Larry Taylor


Although numerous studies of Olympic style weightlifting have been performed using a force plate for data collection, most have concentrated on the parameter of vertical force application (e.g. Enoka, 1973 and Payne, 1960). A few papers have shown extensive anterior-posterior center of pressure (CP) movement relative o foot support in data presented, but this topic was not discussed (Breniere, 1981 and Ueya, ,1977). Only one report has analyzed CP movement during weightlifting (Garhammer, 1976). In the discussion of that study it was pointed out that CP movement showed some relationship to horizontal movement components of the barbell's trajectory. Balance on the feet and horizontal barbell movement are key components of proper lifting technique. Thus, an understanding of these parameters and their relationship would be very valuable to coaches for teaching technique. The purpose of this study was to obtain objective data on CP movements during execution of the classical lifts, and to determine if they are related to horizontal barbell movements.
Coaching and Sports Activities